Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 CCClauseClass for representing a clause
 CClassroomClass for a classroom
 CClausesClass for representing a set of clauses
 CConstraintAdderClass for constraint adder
 CConstraintEncoderClass for constraint encoder
 CCourseClass for a course
 CDataClass for data
 CFieldClass for a field
 CGlobalClass for global values
 CInstructorClass for an instructor
 CIsMinorClass for "is minor"
 CObjectStruct for the type used by actions in the parser
 CParserClass for parser
 CProgramClass for a program
 CSegmentClass for segment
 CSlotClass for a slot
 CSlotElementClass for a slot element
 CTimeClass for a time unit
 CTimetablerClass for time tabler
 CTSolverClass for solver