This project generates a timetable given a set of inputs and constraints. It encodes constraints of the timetabling problem as a SAT formula in the Conjunctive Normal Form, and then calls a MaxSAT solver to solve the problem.


For ubuntu users: Download deb for the latest version of Timetabler from here and install it.

To build the project from source follow the steps below.


This project requires following tools to build.


The following software are dependencies for this program:

Setting up the dependencies

Short method

To set up all the dependencies required, simply run the following command

1 $ ./install_dependencies.sh

If the above command fails, you can try installing the individual dependencies manually by following the below instructions.

Long method

This describes the process of setting up each dependency.

Open WBO 2.0

This needs to be built as a library. The following steps need to be followed:


This does not require any setup other than cloning the repository. The path where this is cloned will be referred to as $CSVPARSER_PATH.


Building the project

Running the Timetabler

To execute the program, the format is

1 $ timetabler fields.yml input.csv custom.txt output.csv


A detailed explanation on each file can be found in the Project Wiki.

Examples of Configuration files

This contains some examples for providing the fields information, the input, and adding custom constraints to the solver.

The structure of this directory is as follows:

For further details and examples, please refer to the Project Wiki.


This software is provided under the [MIT License](LICENSE).